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How Can I Determine If I Have a 3/4" or 1/2" Valve Cartridge?




Kohler has two common valve cartridges (Fig. 1):

(Fig. 1)

The ½" valve cartridges are part numbers GP77005-RP and GP77006-RP. This cartridge is used in kitchen and bathroom faucets, in showering controls, and in deck-mounted valves.

•The ¾" valve cartridges are part numbers 1000188 and 1000187. This cartridge is used in showering controls and in deck-mounted valves.

The key to identifying the difference between the two sizes of valve cartridges is by the shape of the cotter pin (Fig.2). 

NOTE: The most accurate way to identify the valve cartridge is to know the model number of the valve itself.

                                                                                     (Fig. 2)


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