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Toilet Fill Valves

Toilet Fill Valves

Class Five® and Universal Fill Valves

  • The GP1083167 fill valve has a red cap and can replace any valve with a red or yellow cap.
  • The GP1138930 universal fill valve has a white cap and can replace most other KOHLER® fill valves.
  • For specific information on what fill valve to order for your particular toilet, reference Finding Common Toilet Parts.
  • For fill valve replacement instructions, view the Instructional Video.

Flow Restrictors

  • Since GP1083167 and GP1138930 are replacements for a variety of fill valves, each kit comes with a selection of colored flow restrictors (inserts).
  • Each colored restrictor allows a different percentage of restriction to control the refill rate of water into the toilet bowl.
  • To select the correct insert, check the color on the old fill valve being replaced, and use the same color on the new valve.

Purpose of Flow Restrictors

  • When a conventional toilet is flushed, the bowl simultaneously refills with water as the tank refills. However, the tank is much larger than the bowl and typically fills at a significantly slower rate.
  • The flow restrictor restricts the flow of water refill into the bowl during tank refill so the bowl fills in about the same period of time as the tank.

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