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How To Collapse A Kohler Express Installation Vanity?



Collapsing a Kohler Express Installation Vanity

Kohler’s Express™ installation system on some vanities provides an expandable solution that is easy to transport and install. While it is unusual to need to collapse the vanity once it has been expanded, the unit can be collapsed if necessary. To collapse the unit, you will need to reverse the process of the original installation. Any installed parts such as the door(s), shelves, and base would need to be removed from the inside of the vanity.

Note:  Buttons are located on the center piece


 Note:  The shelf and base are removed. The door was left to show orientation of the vanity.

Once the added pieces are removed, depress the buttons on the flex hinges. Move the hinge down for the top bar and up for the bottom bar. The back plates of the vanity are also hinged and will need to be folded forward to allow the collapse of the unit


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