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Identifying Your Bath or Whirlpool Model

Identifying Your Bath or Whirlpool Model

Model Number Location Overview

  • For soaking baths, whirlpools, and air baths (BubbleMassage™), the model number with manufacturing date or the serial number are the best methods for identifying the product.
  • The model number and serial number are printed on a white or silver label.
  • The model number starts with a 4-digit number followed by a succession of letters and numbers representing the model variation, color code, and generation.
  • The serial number is eight or nine characters containing numbers and letters. The serial number typically does not include dashes.

Soaking Baths

  • The model number and serial number are printed on a label that is attached to the outside of the bath shell.
  • The label is typically located near the drain end of the bath.

Locating the Model Number On an Installed Bath

  • The purchase invoice will list the model number of your bath product.
  • Depending on the bath style, the front cover of the installation guide may include the model number.
  • If the purchase invoice or installation guide are not available, contact the Customer Care Center at 1-800-4KOHLER for assistance.


  • Whirlpools manufactured before 1990: The label is attached to the shell of the bath near the pump assembly, or adhered to nearby piping.
  • Whirlpools manufactured 1990 and later: The label is attached directly onto the pump assembly.
  • Depending on your whirlpool style, access to the pump may be through an apron panel or service panel.
  • A label containing the model number and serial number may also be located under the drain overflow hole.

BubbleMassage Baths

  • The model number for a BubbleMassage bath (or air bath) contains the letter "G" after the base model number.
  • For example, model number 1947-GRA-0 is a bath that has airjets (G) with a right-hand drain (R) and an apron (A). In this example, the "0" is the color code for white.
  • The model number and serial number are printed on a label that is attached to the blower motor.
  • Access the blower motor through the service panel located near the drain.
  • The blower motor will be grey for models manufactured after 2012, or black for older models.

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