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How Do I Install A New Valve Body With Hose Assembly Into A K-690/691/692 Kitchen Faucet?


Installing A New Valve Body With Hose Assembly Into A K-690/691/692 Kitchen Faucet 


Although Kohler faucets are made with the highest quality materials, like anything else mechanical in nature, they may need maintenance from time to time.  Luckily, Kohler faucets are designed with ease of repairs in mind as well.  Installing a valve body with hoses into a pull-out spray kitchen faucet is something almost anyone can do.

Make sure to shut off water at the supplies before you start this replacement process.

Start by removing the handle by loosening the set screw on the short side of the handle.  Next, remove the stem adapter by removing the screw holding it in place and pop off the bonnet.  Remove mounting nut by unscrewing it counter-clockwise.


The valve will easily pull out now.  To remove the goose neck spout, you will need to first pull the swivel part away from the body of the faucet or the hose will get stuck.  You may be able to just pull on the spout, but it often helps to gently pry the spout up with a screwdriver.


Once the spout has been removed, the spray head hose can be disconnected from its supply and pulled through the faucet body.   Lastly, the hose guide will need to be removed by grabbing it with a set of pliers and pulling downward to unseat it from the faucet body.


Because of the shape of the valve body head, it is important to grab the face of it properly to make it easier to remove.  It is easiest to grab the face of the valve body head by placing the tips of a pair of needle nose pliers into the bottom and upper right holes (as indicated in the pictures below).  As seen in the side view, the body head is angled.  It will be easiest to remove by pushing it down first, then pull it out toward you.



Once the head is freed from the body of the faucet, you will be able to feed the hoses out. 


With the replacement valve body with hose assembly in hand, simply reverse the process and the repair will be finished.

*For additional instructions regarding installation of bonnet and handle, please refer to document 943.

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